Wednesday, January 23, 2008

See what we can't see

Recently Rochele told me a story. When Columbus ships came to America, the Native Indians could not see them coming. They thought their ships will clouds.

After reflecting on this story, I came to understand that we cannot see something that we do not know. If I am a Native Indian, how can I see ships when there are no ships in my World? How can we see what we don't know? How can we see what we can't see?

John Naisbitt says discoveries grow out of something that is already there. Ripe apples had always fallen to the ground but Isaac Newton saw "the deeper meaning." The Earth has always circled the sun but Copernicus and Galileo observed the evidence and make the connections. Geniuses often build on details that many people can spot but can't connect.

There are things we can see but others can't. There are things that others can see but we can't. Let's help each other to see what both of us can’t.

The John Naisbitt paragraph is taken from page 42 of his book - Mindset.