Saturday, January 27, 2007

What made you smile today

Just harvest an idea from the happiness is earned posting ( paragraph 9 ) on Roemer's blog.

Roemer was blogging about how he makes himself happy. He does it by finding one thing that made him smile everyday. After taking a picture of that he writes down why it makes him feel that way.

What idea did I harvest?
Convert how Roemer make him happy into an idea. Give it a name. Describe its process step by step. Share the idea around.

Idea: What made you smile today?

  1. Find one thing or event that made you smile everyday.
  2. Take a picture of that. If you can’t, mark the memory down as a word or sentence on your mobile phone or a piece of paper.
  3. Write why it make you smile.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The best idea is boss

This is something that you will often hear in the hallways at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. It means that an idea is judged solely on its own merit. A good idea can come from anywhere, from any person in any department at any level. If you've been here a long time, if you're overdue, or if you've worked on that account longer than anyone, that doesn't matter. And just because a person's title is associate creative director or management supervisor doesn't necessarily mean their ideas are automatically weighted more toward the good end of the scale. We hope that this attitude creates a wonderfully liberating environment where great ideas gush forth freely from each and every person. Or at least an environment where you feel like you can contribute even though you're not running the place.