Sunday, November 15, 2009

Curiosity Management

How can we be learned people? The answer lies in using our curiosity. When we come across things that we feel curious about, what do we do? We find answers for them. A-ha! This is the way to being learned people.

Curiosity Management Process
  1. Be curious.
  2. Create opportunities for us to be curious.
  3. Record what makes us curious.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Find learning resources.
  6. Ask learning resources questions.
  7. Record what learning resources help us to answer the questions.
As we answer more curiosities, we learn more. As we learn more, we become learned people.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

TED is spreading...

While I was reading the top 7 places to watch great minds in action blog post, I discovered a pattern. The idea of TED conference is spreading...

The host location has spread across America and the World.
From Long Beach, California, US to Camden, Maine, US to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
TED to PopTech to ideaCity.
TED was originally hosted at Monterey, California, US.

The presentation subject matters have spread beyond technology, entertainment and design to innovation to experience design.
TED has spread into many subject matters.

There seems to be a growing guild of conference organizers who bring together interesting speakers, curious listeners and knowledge sharing infrastructure. May we have more TED like conferences to watch.

This lead me to asking are there any other TED like conferences? I found 4.
DLD, Munich, Germany
Le Web, Paris, France
Lift, Geneva, Switzerland
Picnic, Amsterdam, Netherlands