Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moving Notice

I have moved to

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fremantle Photos

Date: 26 & 30 Apr 2010
Place: Fremantle, WA, Australia
Experience: a town with beautifull historic buildings

Dunsborough Photos

Date: 28 - 29 Apr 2010
Place: Around Dunsborough, WA, Australia
Experience: land cruising along the coast, cafes, parks, lighthouse, sunrise, sunset, discussing about life, walking

Perth Photos

Date: 23 - 30 Apr 2010
Place: Perth, WA, Australia
Experience: seeing friends that I have not meet for a long time

Saturday, January 23, 2010


9 behaviours to a longer, healthier life:
1. Move ( find ways to move mindlessly, make moving unavoidable )
2. Plan de Vida ( know your purpose in life )
3. Down Shift ( work less, slow down, rest, take vacation )
4. 80% Rule ( stop eating when you're 80% full )
5. Plant-Power ( more veggies, less protein and processed foods )
6. Red Wine ( consistency and moderation )
7. Belong ( create a healthy social network )
8. Beliefs ( spiritual or religious participation )
9. Your Tribe ( make family a priority )

Dan Buettner

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holding firmly to truth

I learned a new word today.

Satyagraha is a three-step instrument of change, not a mere act of protest.

The first step is to object to an unjust law or policy and petition for its removal. Absent an acceptable response, the second step is to break the law. The third step is to undergo the consequences, be they arrest, violence, abuse or privation.

Satyagraha means "holding firmly to the truth" in Hindi and by following the process, remaining focused and calm within one's belief.

Blessed Unrest
Paul Hawken
Page 78 - 79
ISBN: 9780670038527

Saturday, December 5, 2009

7 lessons from Mozilla

7 lessons from Mozilla
  1. Superior products matter.
  2. Push ( most ) decisions-making to the edges.
  3. Communication will happen in every possible way ( so make sure it's reusable ).
  4. Make it easy for your community to do the important things.
  5. Surprise is overrated.
  6. Communities are not markets: members are citizens.
  7. The key is the art of figuring out whether and how to apply each of these ideas.
Lessons from Mozilla

John Lilly

WordCamp San Francisco 2009

I understand lesson 5 as don't surprise. Open communications beyond the inner circle. Let everyone who wants to know what Mozilla is doing knows what they are doing.