Sunday, September 27, 2009

Be Learned

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Be learned

Stephanie asked does to be learned means one have learned everything and stopped? Is it possible to learn everything?

I replied be learned is my life's purpose. One cannot learn all but can learn more. Purpose is a direction not destination. I agree to her view in one of our conversations that one can never be the best because once one reach best, there is a higher level to go.

I have 2 questions to guide me if I have been more learned
  1. What is the 1 new idea I discover this week? ( 1 new idea rule )
  2. Am I more learned this moment than the moment before? ( The now rule )

Friday, September 18, 2009

TEDx Singapore

TEDx is a TED style event hosting support initiative by TED. Many groups and people have started their own TEDx group. Currently, there are 4 Singapore TEDx groups. They are
TEDx MIT Club Singapore hosted Singapore's first TEDx event on 12 Sep 2009. The event sounds interesting from Mahesh Kumar's blog post.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rich son, poor son

I was watching the rich son, poor son video recommended by Sze Yong.

The story outline:
4 elder ladies having a get together meal in Malaysia.
They chat about how well the children are doing in their careers.
3 ladies' children will doing well. Their children will accountancy firm partner, lawyer and doctor. Earn well, hold company equity, bought new house... When the 4th lady was ask how is her son doing ( in career context ), she reply he is good, he is coming to take me out.
Her son came with his wife and children to drive her to a mountain resort for holiday.
The video ends with the message - love of the family is life's greatest blessing.

This leads me to thinking when one change one's measures for success, one's results change.