Thursday, December 14, 2006

High tech - high touch

What is high tech - high touch?

Sense from:
John Naisbitt, Nana Naisbitt, Douglas Philips
Page 26
Broadway Books
ISBN: 0767903838

It is a human lens.

It is embracing technology that preserves our humanness and rejecting technology that intrudes upon it. It is recognizing that technology is an integral part of the evolution of culture, the creative product of our imaginations, our dreams and aspirations - and that the desire to create new technologies is fundamentally instinctive. But is also recognizing that art, story, play, religion, nature, and time are equal partners in the evolution of technology because they nourish the soul and fulfill its yearnings.

  • It is expressing what it means to be human and employing technology fruitfully in that expression. It's appreciating life and accepting death.
  • It is knowing when we should push back on technology, in our work and our lives, to affirm our humanity.
  • It is understanding that technology zealots are as shortsighted as technology bashers.
  • It is creating significant paths for our lives, without fear of new technology or fear of falling behind it.
  • It is recognizing that at its best, technology supports and improves human life; at its worse, it alienates, isolates, distorts, and destroys.
  • It is questioning what place technology should have in our lives and what place it should have in society.
  • It is consciously choosing to employ technology when it adds value to human lives.
  • It is learning how to live as human beings in a technologically dominated time.
  • It is knowing when simulated experiences add value to human life.
  • It is recognizing when to avoid the layers of distractions and distance technology affords us.
  • It is recognizing when technology is not neutral.
  • It is knowing when to unplug and when to plug in.
  • It is appropriate human scale.

High tech - high touch is enjoying the fruits of technological advancements and having it truly sit well with our god, our church, or our spiritual beliefs. It is understanding technology through the human lens of play, time, religion, and art.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Designer's research manual
Jenn O'Grady & Ken O'Grady
Page 71
ISBN: 1592532578

Monday, December 4, 2006

Chief Beer Officer

What happened?
Four Points Hotels ( part of the Starwood Hotel Group ) is looking for a Chief Beer Officer ( CBO ). The position's role is to:
Evangelize Best Brew program
Tour breweries
Attend beer fests
Sample beers
Select beers for hotel's bar menus
Host beer fests
Document beer related activities
Impart beer related knowledge to other staff through a blog

What do I think about this happening?
This is a interesting idea. Guest can enjoy better taste experience at Four Points Hotels. Four Points can brand themselves as the top of the mind brand for beer at hotels. Staff can learn all about beer from their CBO.

What do you think this happening will cause?
Will the hotel industry starts to value other non work expertise besides drinking?
Will copy cat hotels come out with other drink chief officers ( like wine )?
Will the hotel industry starts to have other expertise specialists?
Will the hotel industry capitalized on inter-organization knowledge sharing?