Friday, January 9, 2009

Principles for a new media literacy

In the age of the Internet and blogging, we are creators as well as consumers of media. With the increase of media and the need to blog, we need more sophisticated media literacy. Let's use the following as a guide.

Sense from:

Principles of media consumption:
  1. Be skeptical of absolutely everything.
  2. Although skepticism is essential, don't be equally skeptical of everything.
  3. Go outside your personal comfort zone.
  4. Ask more questions.
  5. Understand and learn media techniques.
Principles of media creation:
  1. Do your homework, and then do some more.
  2. Get it right, every time.
  3. Be fair to everyone.
  4. Think independently, especially of your own biases.
  5. Practice and demand transparency.

Slide deleted notice

I share presentations that I discover on the Internet on SlideShare. I recently received a request from Dave Gray to take down his slides. There are 4 SlideShare users that might want to learn from his slide as they have selected his slide as their favorites. I thought of informing them one by one. I was also thinking is there a better way as other authors might have the same request.

Thinking… thinking… thinking…

Finally I came up with the idea of a slide deleted notice. The notice helps to inform people:
  1. Why the slide is deleted.
  2. Who wants the slide deleted.
  3. Does the people who wants the slide deleted has ground to do so.
  4. Where to go to as an alternative.