Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yesterday, I read the last words of Lo Hwei Yen. She is a Singaporean victim of the Mumbai terrorist attack. Her last words with her husband were she loved him. Her last words with her three closest friends were I love you all.

Sense from:
Straits Times 3 Dec 2008

What I observed:
Love is the most important thing to her as she chose to use her final moments to express them.

This supports the research results of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. She is the world’s expert on people’s attitudes about death and dying. She summarized a life of research in three simple questions. When people look back upon their lives, she found, they ask three questions that determine their sense of whether it was meaningfull:
  1. Did I give and receive love?
  2. Did I become all I can be?
  3. Did I leave the planet a little better?
Richard Leider, David Shapiro
Page 78
ISBN: 1-57675-103-1

When Ms Lo has no time to do all three, she did the most important one.